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Favorite Clive Barker Film
Hellraiser Hellraiser 60%[3 Votes]
Nightbreed Nightbreed 40%[2 Votes]
Lord Of Illusions Lord Of Illusions 0%[0 Votes]
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Favorite Clive Barker Film [POLL]
Which is your favorite Clive Barker film? And WHY?

I have to go with Nightbreed. It's like the first of his films I had seen.
The little intro he did for the video release just intrigued me and really made the world of these monsters come to life.

And there were SO MANY monsters. Amazing.
Edited by Roger on October 17 2012 21:55
Darth Ackert
Hellraiser for me because I have a love for the macabre. The story has such a great personal feel. It is not about the destruction of the world or a race/races but one small family. Frank, Kirsty, Larry, and Julia are the ones effected by this... yes Julia did kill many men to bring strength to Frank but who were they? They are considered not important because they are not family. Had the story been that Frank needed the blood of family members to come back then all the victims would be important but that is not how it goes. Steve? Not that important either. Kirsty would have gotten out of the house without him anyways. Even the Cenobites not that important as they are merely tools to make the story macabre. Of course in sequels they drive the story and become the most important part of the story. Except for The Lead Cenobite. He is the only other one that was important. He spoke and wanted to get Frank back into Hell. Female? Sure she spoke but so did some people at the dinner party and the hospital. But when The Lead Cenobite spoke he became the first monster since Dracula to speak without cracking jokes to get the audience excited. That part was very important.

I have never seen a movie with so much dread in it before this one. Kirsty the only survivor out of the 4 members of that family. The dysfunction of that family is truly what killed them all. Julia's lust for Frank over powers her love for Larry. Yes I believe she loved him. She stayed the hand of Frank from killing Larry for a while. But her lust for Frank was too strong in the end. Frank and Larry cared nothing for each other obviously in spite of them being brothers. Kirsty... we are lead to believe that Frank may have molested her or worse as a young girl... "You remember?! Come to Daddy!". Or was it mutual incest? That does not matter though. Frank clearly only cared for himself. That is how he ended up in his sorry skinless state. "I was told it would lead to the ultimate pleasure or pain... I didn't care which." Frank killed his brother, then tried to kill Julia. Julia then opens the box... looking for salvation I presume, we never do get to see that part. Frank chases after Kirsty possibly to kill her as well. But Kirsty also betrays family by leading the Cenobites to Frank.

I retract my previous claim about the Cenobites not being that important. Without the Cenobites this would just be an episode of Jerry Springer.

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