Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: Welcome to the Re-Vamped Fifth Dominion

Posted by Dawrig on May 31 2015 08:01

Hello everyone!

Thanks very much for letting me in here!

I've been an avid reader of Clive barker's stories for many years now, though I've only relatively recently started to delve deeper and discover more about the man and mind behind those stories.

I by absolute chance happened upon the 'The Art of Horror' & 'Southbank show' videos on you-tube for the first time a couple of years back - and they completely blew me away. I'm a working artist and earn a living as a freelance illustrator, and at that time was feeling pretty jaded and 'boxed in' by the limitations and constraints of my chosen profession. Clive Barker is a totally committed pioneer and liberator of the imagination, a true trailblazer - and a living example and inspiration. Suffice to say I've been pretty much hooked ever since! Smile

Really looking forward to meeting you all on here, sharing the adventure, and learning more about the man and his creations.