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Posted by fallon6190 on June 10 2013 19:56

Here's some art I picked up off ebay a while back.
This piece has a little history behind it so here is the story as told by the seller.

Let me explain. In 1988, then unknown writer Steve Niles had a short-lived comic company
called Arcane Comix. During the company's brief existence, contactwas made with then new
horror writing sensation, Clive Barker, and together Niles and Barkerproduced several projects,
including a magnificent portfolio of lithographs of Barker's beautifully painted cover art for
THE BOOKS OF BLOOD series, and a collection of Barker's pen and ink drawings in Arcane's
anthology, FLY IN MY EYE. During this time, I was the Art Director for Arcane Comix, and
designed both the portfolio and the anthology.

Other projects in the works before the company's collapse were other publications that
included a comics adaptation of Barker's SECRET LIVE OF CARTOONS, an adaptation of
Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND (later published by Eclipse), a collection of Matt Howarth's
early Post Brothers comics, and a comics adaptation by Stephen Bissette of Barker's gruesome
RAWHEAD REX. This promotional poster for REX was the only item produced by Bissette and
published by Arcane before the company's unfortunate demise.

Produced in July 1988, the poster was produced for distribution at that year's San Diego Comic-Con,
along with posters for some of the other planned projects. The poster itself was printed using two
colored silk screening -- black and red ink on a light gray card stock. It measures 11 inches by 17
inches and had a print run of a couple of hundred copies, most of which were distributed at the
convention. The copy being offered for sale is from my archives and is in NEAR MINT condition.

This is also from ebay. Rawhead Rex by Allen Koszowski.

Here is a commissioned piece of artwork from Robb Waters.