Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: RAWHEAD REX Collectibles

Posted by fallon6190 on November 01 2012 21:43

So as I started looking for more Rawhead kits I began finding more and more awesome masks being produced of my favorite monsters, killers, and madmen. So naturally I had to know if a mask of Rawhead had ever been made. So I joined a couple of mask forums and asked around. Pretty much everyone said they had never seen a mask of old Rawhead produced but, to my surprise all the people said if one ever was made they would be all over it. So I looked around at various mask producers to see who would do Rawhead justice. I found a mask maker named Jonathan Fuller who does awesome work and asked how much a private commission of Rawhead would be. The price was way out of my league but, Jonathan said if I could get 6 solid pre-orders for the mask he would do a full run of Rawhead. I quickly hit up every mask and Clive Barker related forum I could think of with the news. In the end I believe 12 mask were made in all.

Rawhead Rex sculpted by Jonathan Fuller from Monster Asylum