Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: RAWHEAD REX Collectibles

Posted by fallon6190 on November 08 2012 20:25

So as I mentioned earlier I traveled to Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 to meet Clive. I was only able to go one day the first day Friday. I went only to meet Clive and the line was out of control. We were let in at 6PM and didn't get to see him until around 9:45PM. In between that time I was able to get someone to hold my place in line and went to meet Doug Bradley and Ashly Laurence. The con closed Friday at 9PM but Clive said he would stay until he signed for everybody. I took my Rawhead mask and had him sign it for me. Clive's jaw dropped when he saw it he loved it. He even asked me to let the artist who created it know how impressed he was. Clive asked if I would mind if he did something special on the mask not just sign it. I told him go for it. He explained he always wanted to incorporate tribal markings on Rawhead to show how old he was and that he was the last of his kind. So Clive actually drew a tattoo on my Rawhead mask. We ended up talking for about 30 minutes it was awesome.