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Posted by fallon6190 on October 22 2012 18:48

Good to be on the new boards. I thought I would post up some of the Rawhead Rex stuff I've collected over the years. Ask anybody who knows me and they'll tell you I'm a huge Rawhead Rex fan. I first saw Rawhead on VHS back in the day. My mom rented it for me and I loved it. I was also introduced to Clive Barker through Rawhead Rex and I've been a fan of his ever since.I'll start with some model kits I've collected of Rawhead Rex.

WIP pic
Return Of The Pagan King Rawhead Rex sculpted by Shawn Nagle and released by Resin Factory.
This model kit was incomplete when I got it. It was missing the original base. I had to get another base for it I think it fits Rawhead perfectly.

WIP pics
Rawhead Rex Jr. from C & C's Toys & Models.

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Posted by Roger on October 23 2012 16:13

As always... great stuff.
Thanx for sharing.

Posted by fallon6190 on October 24 2012 21:55

Thanks Roger you know I got more to share. Speaking of which. As I started collecting model kits I learned there were other kits produced of good old Rawhead and I had to have them. This one took me awhile to get ahold of. It's a out of production kit from the UK. It's a huge kit compared to the other kits I've shown.

WIP pic
Rawhead Rex from Magenta Models sculpted by
Alan Lanson.
This kit didn't come with a base. So I had this one custom made.

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Posted by Ryan on October 25 2012 00:57

Glad to see you back.

--Formerly Emmett The Crab--

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Posted by fallon6190 on October 31 2012 15:32

This one is the sculptors version of Rawhead Rex rising out of his tomb.
WIP pics
Rawhead Rex sculpted by Karl Libecap from Monster Dork Studios

Posted by fallon6190 on October 31 2012 15:43

Alright lets take a break from the kits. I have more to show. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Barker at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 and got him to sign a few things for me.
27''x41'' one sheet Rawhead Rex signed by Clive Barker

Here's a couple more Rawhead Rex related posters.

Vestron Video poster for Rawhead Rex and Underworld

Fangoria Magazine Rawhead Rex poster

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Posted by fallon6190 on November 01 2012 21:43

So as I started looking for more Rawhead kits I began finding more and more awesome masks being produced of my favorite monsters, killers, and madmen. So naturally I had to know if a mask of Rawhead had ever been made. So I joined a couple of mask forums and asked around. Pretty much everyone said they had never seen a mask of old Rawhead produced but, to my surprise all the people said if one ever was made they would be all over it. So I looked around at various mask producers to see who would do Rawhead justice. I found a mask maker named Jonathan Fuller who does awesome work and asked how much a private commission of Rawhead would be. The price was way out of my league but, Jonathan said if I could get 6 solid pre-orders for the mask he would do a full run of Rawhead. I quickly hit up every mask and Clive Barker related forum I could think of with the news. In the end I believe 12 mask were made in all.

Rawhead Rex sculpted by Jonathan Fuller from Monster Asylum

Posted by Roger on November 04 2012 21:50

Again... amazing stuff.
I especially love the double feature VHS poster.
It's so 80's. Smile

Posted by fallon6190 on November 05 2012 21:37

Yeah it's a great poster. I've got Ryan --Formerly Emmett The Crab-- to thank for that bad boy.

Posted by Ryan on November 06 2012 04:12

fallon6190 wrote:

Yeah it's a great poster. I've got Ryan --Formerly Emmett The Crab-- to thank for that bad boy.


Posted by fallon6190 on November 08 2012 20:25

So as I mentioned earlier I traveled to Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 to meet Clive. I was only able to go one day the first day Friday. I went only to meet Clive and the line was out of control. We were let in at 6PM and didn't get to see him until around 9:45PM. In between that time I was able to get someone to hold my place in line and went to meet Doug Bradley and Ashly Laurence. The con closed Friday at 9PM but Clive said he would stay until he signed for everybody. I took my Rawhead mask and had him sign it for me. Clive's jaw dropped when he saw it he loved it. He even asked me to let the artist who created it know how impressed he was. Clive asked if I would mind if he did something special on the mask not just sign it. I told him go for it. He explained he always wanted to incorporate tribal markings on Rawhead to show how old he was and that he was the last of his kind. So Clive actually drew a tattoo on my Rawhead mask. We ended up talking for about 30 minutes it was awesome.

Posted by fallon6190 on January 03 2013 21:47

Hey guys thought I'd share some interesting movie posters from Ghana, Africa.

Posted by fallon6190 on January 03 2013 22:00

Here is another Rawhead model kit. As envisioned by Clive Barker and Les Edwards for Eclipse Comics.

Rawhead Rex sculpted by Rikk Roberts from Alternative Images

Posted by fallon6190 on January 03 2013 22:05

I got this bad boy off Evilbay.

Empire Pictures Press Kit for Rawhead Rex.

Posted by fallon6190 on January 03 2013 22:09

Here's some Rawhead comic goodness. Nightbreed VS Rawhead Rex was released in 1992 and ran through issues 13 thru 16 of Nightbreed from Epic comics.
The story uses the books plot as the starting point even through the design of the movie is used for the artwork. Rawhead is brought back to life through a black magic ritual. The ritual uses a Nightbreed baby to give Rawhead Rex life.

Nightbreed VS Rawhead Rex from Epic Comics

Posted by fallon6190 on January 03 2013 22:13

Here's the adaption worked on by Clive Barker of his story Rawhead Rex for Eclipse Comics. This Rawhead is supposedly how Barker envisioned him when he wrote the story. The artwork by Les Edwards is amazing and the plot pretty much follows the original Books Of Blood story.

Rawhead Rex Graphic Novel by Eclipse Comics

Posted by Roger on January 06 2013 18:48

I don't know. I kinda like the movie version design better.

Posted by Ryan on January 06 2013 23:51

The comic version is more faithful to the description in the short story.

Posted by fallon6190 on January 07 2013 16:44

Roger I like the movie design better myself as well.
Ryan is right though the graphic novel is more faithful to the short story.

Posted by fallon6190 on June 10 2013 19:20

Hey guys whats up. Back to show some Rawhead goodness this time a couple of shirts. The first is from a band called The Black Dahlia Murder.

The second is from Fright Rags.
The Fright Rags shirt is sold out but you can go on their website and vote for it to be brought back.

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