Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: (2015) Scarlet Gospels

Posted by Roger on October 17 2013 18:37

From "Revelations":
"Clive is delighted to announce that St Martin's Press has acquired world English rights to publish The Scarlet Gospels, his upcoming novel featuring Pinhead and Harry D'Amour.
St Martin's anticipates a winter 2015 publication date - more from Clive soon..! "

Here's the news article I just put up:
This is very exciting news to many Clive Barker fans. "The Scarlet Gospels" is the much anticipated story of the meeting between two of Clive's most famous characters, Harry D'Amour and Pinhead.

This is the Pinhead from his "The Hellbound Heart" novella and Harry D'Amour who appeared in several short stories and the movie "Lord Of Illusions".

Fans have been clamoring for more stories about these two characters for many years. This particular meeting actually started out as a short story for Clive's short story collection but soon expanded into a full length epic.

Congratulations to Clive for this wonderful news and to the many fans who wait with baited breath at it's release.

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