Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: Official SPAM Thread (2015 Edition)

Posted by Roger on January 20 2015 20:43

I'm bringing it back! Maybe someone will post this year. Pfft
And as before:
If you have to SPAM do it here.
Post anything you'd like.
A funny picture, a joke, your favorite cheese.
If it doesn't deserve it's own thread but you just have to tell the world then this is the place.

Posted by Roger on January 20 2015 20:55

Happy New Year everyone!
This looks to be a busy year for Clive releases.
I'm especially looking forward to the Scarlet Gospels!!! Smile

Posted by Roger on August 06 2015 17:34

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site.
I am unsure of any new direction to take.
Suggestions are always welcome. Smile