Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: Recently watched movies in or out of Theaters

Posted by Darth Ackert on January 15 2013 20:11

Rubber - About a car tire named Robert. Robert awakes partially covered by desert sand. He learns to roll around by himself without the use of rims or axles. He develops psychokinetic abilities to blow thing up in his way like cans, bottles, bunnies, birds and human heads. Yeah it was cool. 3 out of 5 stars.

Iron Sky - Was exactly what I expected it to be... A crazy movie about Nazis living on the dark side of the moon in the future. They find an American Astronaut has landed nearby. Astronaut is captured and found to be Afro-American. They find his smart phone is powerful enough to power their mega weapon to finally attack Earth. Earth rallies together to stop them. Very cool flick. 5 out of 5. If this movie was not so hard for the creators to release (like Meat Train) it might have been only a 4.

Super 8 - 5 out of 5. Way awesome... a must see for any sci-fi fan.

Paul - Funny sci-fi flick from the guys that gave us Shawn of the Dead. 5 out of 5.