Thread subject: Fifth Dominion - Clive Barker Fans - :: Cabal Cut to be Released by Shout!/Scream Factory

Posted by antipax on July 23 2013 13:33

It's finally going to be released!

Here's the info you guys need to know:

Grin We did it. Occupy Midian and every one on that group, and people who went top screenings and spread the word made it happen.

Posted by Roger on July 23 2013 16:46

THIS has been what I have been waiting for!!!

People are worried if they will get a DVD/BD for their region. Or even IF there will be a BD. I seriously doubt that anything will be missed after all this work has gone into getting it made.
I'm sure we'll get that and then some.

Posted by Roger on September 18 2013 18:10

I'm still very excited about this.
Have any OFFICIAL specs been released?

Posted by Roger on July 02 2014 21:38

The Director's Cut has been given a release date!!!
I think the biggest surprise was that the original film negatives were actually found. This will ensure a 'mint condition' director's cut!
This is so exciting!