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New Album Update!!!!!

The new album "Graverobbers From Outer Space" is finished!!!
Album artwork is being worked on now.

(Until it is ready check out the newly re-designed "Welcome To Ghoul School" E.P. below.)

The first single "Tron Trax C" is already up on the MySpace page.
On this album Doctor Xombie will be collaborating on a couple songs with Michael Mondello
(song writer and music master of Florida fame).

Here is the second single with a new "video" track from Youtube:

"Welcome To Ghoul School"

Click on the album cover to get your boney hands on a copy.
The "Welcome To Ghoul School" E.P. has now been Re-Mastered, expanded to 6 songs, with all new redesigned artwork. The track list is to the right and can be obtained at the Doctor Xombie On-Line Store!!! Doctor Xombie On-Line 

1. Sick
2. Xombie
3. I Obey
4. Sick (Long)
5. Untitled #5
6. Day Of The Flies

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