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Doctor Xombie's
Vault of the Living Dead

-The Official Dead Site of Doctor Xombie-

Greetings Fright Fans!

Welcome To

Phantom Manor

My Decrepit Castle In Zephyr-Kills Florida!
I am your ghoulish host Doctor Xombie.


Greetings Fiends,

Welcome to Doctor Xombie's Vault of the Living Dead. 

I will be your horrible host as you journey thru this place of monsters, movies, and music. Doctor Xombie is a horror show host of the most terrible... I mean TERRIFYING kind. 

Walk around these haunted spider-web pages by clicking the links at the top of the page. You will find more info on the "Doctor Xombie Presents" internet show, the 'Welcome To Ghoul School', "Graverobbers From Outer Space", "Doctor Xombie Is Dead", and "Tombstones For The Living" albums, Doctor Xombie And Fiends book (on the Xombie Ink page), and Doctor Xombie's favorite places on the LINX page.
If there is enough interest there might be a SPOOK SHOW page with pics and video from "Doctor Xombie's Friday Night Fright "LIVE" show at the Zephyr-kills Home Theatre. But we shall see...

I hope you enjoy yourself as you travel these halls of terror.

-Stay Ghoul,

Doctor Xombie 


You see before you the radioactive half-life of my oldly re-VAMPed website.


SHOCKING music, AMAZING video clips, and many other TERRIFYING and gruesome pieces from my tattered mind.

If you'd like to gnaw at any other monstrous creations from Doctor Xombie, just e-mail me and I'll try to HANG it on the gallows. I'm always working on something foul, so I'm sure I can dig something up.

Doctor Xombie is a celebration of 'classic' Saturday afternoon movies about monsters, mayhem, and madmen. Doctor Xombie is ALSO sometimes about unspeakable horrors and the extra-dimensional abyss.

Last Update: JUNE 2024 (site currently under HEAVY DE-COMPOSITION) - More Xombie Goodness Coming Soon!

For the

Latest News

check the Doctor Xombie Facebook page (LINX page) and click the "Xombie Ink" button at the top of the page for
new literary fun.

As you can probably tell I dug up a few old things and am updating the site.

The on-line stores "Xombie Shop" and "X-Mart" are now up with a few ghastly bits and pieces to sink your teeth into.
The Re-Mastered "Welcome To Ghoul School" EP is now available on the MUSIC page along with "Graverobbers From Outer Space", and "Doctor Xombie Is Dead".
The albums are now available in digital format through Bandcamp and other digital distribution sites including Spotify and Amazon Music.

Keep your eyes peeled for

As of 03-19-2005 you are GHOUL


to visit Doctor Xombie's grave.

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The GUESTBOOK is whispering for you,
so sign your name in blood to tell me what you are.

Email: Doctor Xombie If you dare!!!
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